Using Data to Make Smarter Decisions in Anoka County

At Anoka County, our mission is to provide citizens with respectful, innovative, and fiscally responsible services. To achieve this goal, we strive to collect data about the needs of our users, identify solutions, and facilitate the implementation, support, training, and ongoing resources needed to meet those needs. We have a wide range of facilities that cover 2.5 million square feet of space to serve the growing population, and with the help of technology, we can do more work in more areas of the county with less time and money. By leveraging data to make better decisions, Anoka County has been able to save on labor costs, major projects, and public services. We have also been able to reduce equipment downtime by streamlining processes within the facilities management department.

With a PC, high-speed Internet access, and a scanner, we have been able to start recording data in Anoka County. By tracking work orders and expenses in our facility asset management system (FAMIS), we have a wealth of reliable information to calculate the return on assets and manage their entire lifecycle. In addition, with a better understanding of the lifecycle of its assets, Anoka County has adjusted its preventive maintenance program to avoid unplanned downtime. We have implemented a solution with a “crawl, walk and run” approach; we have slowly started to simplify things, with phases for additional capacity planned in the future. By demonstrating the savings achieved with FAMIS, the facilities department was able to expand its services without increasing costs. Using data to make smarter decisions is essential for businesses in Anoka County.

By gathering information about the needs of our users and identifying solutions that can help us meet those needs, we can ensure that our county programs and services are successful in meeting their business objectives. With the help of technology, we can also enable innovation while saving time and money.

Dane Kuzmish
Dane Kuzmish

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