Reducing Anoka County Businesses' Tax Burden with Incentives and Credits

Taxes can be a major burden for businesses, but there are a number of tax incentives and credits available to help Anoka County businesses reduce their tax burden. Business owners can use these incentives to invest in other aspects of business growth and improvement. The Property-Valued Clean Energy Program (PACE) is one of the key local incentives available to Anoka County businesses. This program provides businesses with a credit for investing in energy-efficient improvements.

Businesses can also take advantage of tax credits, such as the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) credit, which is available to companies that pay premiums for employees enrolled in a qualified health plan offered through the SHOP marketplace. Large companies may also offer small business grants to give back to the community or to help a small business grow in a way that highlights its own mission or marketing message. For example, a women's clothing company committed to sustainability could offer a grant to small businesses that carry out activities that support women and girls in environmental justice issues. Additionally, there may be opportunities to obtain federal small business grants if your company is involved in research and development or if you want to expand employee training. Anoka County taxpayers have a few options for dealing with the necessary tax payments they owe, including the option to pay online.

Taxpayers should consult the frequently asked questions about online property tax payment rates on the property records page of the Anoka County website to understand what transactions online payments may involve. Your Anoka County tax due date may vary depending on the type of property you pay taxes for each year. In addition, spending changes made by your city, Anoka County, or your local school district can undoubtedly affect the annual amount you'll pay in a given year. Property tax rates in Anoka County are 1.17%, lower than the Minnesota state rate of 1.02%. Use the property tax return you receive from your county in March or April (mid-July for mobile homeowners).

Business owners who want information about sales taxes in their area can access this data by visiting the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.

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